Survival of the Fittest

Welcome to Erf

Medical Log

Bad! This is bad! Turns out there were some people left on Earth after all, and for some reason, they thought hijacking the egos of a random group of strangers would somehow help them get off.

There’s one fellow, seems to fancy himself the leader of this outfit-BY THE GODS WHERE ARE MY TENTACLES! WHY AM I SO HEAVY! WHAT’S THIS ON MY HEAD!

I hate this planet and everyone on it.

:The Next Day

Things are starting to look up for ole’ Doc Tentacles, because guess who has a pet Titan Warbot! Now that I have the superior firepower of a mobile weapon’s platform, It looks like our group has a new leader! The scavengers around the launch site will be no match, nor will any of the people following our party should it come to that. I’m getting off this planet, nomatter how many people I have to kill to do it.



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