Faction Descriptions

Anarchist: You are opposed to hierarchy, favoring flat forms of social organization and directly democratic decision making. You believe power is always corrupting and everyone should have a say in the decisions that affect their lives. According to the primitive and restrictive policies of the inner system and Jovian Junta, this makes you an irresponsible hoodlum at best and a terrorist at worst. In your opinion, that’s comedy coming from governments that keep their populations in line with economic oppression and threats of violence.

Argonaut: You are part of a scientific technoprogressive movement that seeks to solve transhumanity’s injustices and inequalities with technology. You support universal access to technology and healthcare, open-source models of production, morphological freedom, and democratization. You try to avoid factionalism and divisive politics, seeing transhumanity’s splintering as a hindrance to its perpetuation.

Barsoomian: You call the Martian outback and wilds your home. You are a “redneck,” a lower-class Martian from the rural areas that often find themselves in conflict with the policies and goals of the hypercorp domes and Tharsis League.

Brinker: You or your faction is reluctant to deal with the rest of the transhumanity and the various goings-on in the rest of the system. Your particular grouping may have sought out self-imposed isolation to pursue their own interests, or they may have been exiled for their unpopular beliefs. Or you may simply be a loner who prefers the vast emptiness of space to socializing with others. You might be a religious cultist, a primitivist, a utopian, or something altogether uninterested in transhumanity.

Criminal: You are involved with the crime-oriented underworld. You may work with one of the Sol system’s major criminal factions—triads, the Night Cartel, the ID Crew, Nine Lives—or one
of the smaller, local operators with a big stake in a specific habitat. You might be a vetted member-for-life, a reluctant recruit, or just a freelancer looking for the next gig.

Extropian: You are an anarchistic supporter of the free market and private property. You oppose government and favor a system where security and legal matters are handled by private competitors. Whether you consider yourself an anarcho-capitalist or a mutualist (a difference
only other Extropians can figure out), you occupy a middle ground between the hypercorps and autonomists, dealing with both and yet trusted by neither.

Hypercorp: You hail from a habitat controlled by the hypercorps. You might be a hypercapitalist entrepeneur, a hedonistic socialite, or a lowly vacworker, but you accept that certain liberties must be sacrificed for security and freedom.

Jovian: Your faction is noted for its authoritarian regime, bioconservative ideologies, and militaristic tendencies. Where you come from, technology is not to be trusted and humans need to be protected from themselves. To ensure its survival, humanity must be able to defend itself and unfettered growth must be checked.

Lunar: You hail from Luna (The Moon), the original off-Earth colony world. Now overpopulated and in decline, Luna is one of the few places where people still cling to old-Earth ethnic and national identities. Your home is also within sight of Earth, a constant reminder that encourages
many “Loonies” to be reclaimers, deploring the hypercorp interdiction and arguing that you have a
right to return to Earth, terraform it, and re-establish it as a living homeworld.

Mercurial: Your faction has no interest in co-opting their true natures in order to become more “human.” You might be an AGI that does not necessarily intertwine its destiny with transhumanity or an uplifted animal that seeks to preserve and promote non-human life (or at least your own species). You might even be an infomorph or posthuman who has strayed so far from transhuman
interests and values that you now consider yourself to be forging a unique new path of life.

Scum: The best party in the solar system. This is the future we’ve all been waiting for, and
you’re going to enjoy it to the max. A paradigm shift has occurred, and while everyone else is catching up, your faction embraces and revels in it. There is no more want, no more death, no more limits on what you can be. The scum have immersed themselves in a new way of life, changing themselves as they see fit, trying out new experiences, and pushing the boundaries wherever they can … and fuck anyone who can’t deal with that.

Socialite: You are a member of the inner system glitterati, the media-saturated social cliques that set trends, spread ideas, and make or break lives with whispers, innuendo, and backroom deals. You are simultaneously an icon and a devout follower. Culture isn’t just your life, it’s your weapon of choice.

Titanian: You are a participant in the Titanian Commonwealth’s socialist cyberdemocracy. Unlike other autonomist projects, Titanian joint efforts have assembled some impressive infrastructural projects as approved by the Titanian Plurality and pursued by state-owned microcorps.

Ultimate: You seek nothing less than perfection. Your faction sees the potential in transhumanity’s future and looks back upon the rest of transhumanity as weak and hedonistic. Transhumanity is set to take the next evolutionary step and it’s time for transhumans to be redesigned to the best of our capabilities.

Venusian: You are a supporter of the Morningstar Confederation of Venusian aerostats (floating cities), resentful of the growing influence of the Planetary Consortium and other entrenched and conservative inner system powers. You see your faction’s ascension as a chance to reform the old guard ways of inner system politics.

Faction Descriptions

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