Survival of the Fittest

Where a Whole Bunch of People Have Gone Before

Medical Log:

So, I’m a crab now. Not sure what happened exactly. The firewall guys were pretty vague about the events that lead to my being the proud owner of these giant terrible claws.

Suppose I’m not complaining though. This body feels quite a bit stronger than my old one, though I do miss all my arms.

The Vector sends me to this seedy motel in New Shanghai. Guess I won’t have to worry about people recognizing me in this new body. When I get to the meeting place, I introduce myself to the people Firewall has me working with. A bunch of weirdos. The one with the tail tells me we’ve actually met twice before. I don’t much care for this loss of continuity, so from now on, I’ll record everything in an XP and upload it to one of the Firewall Servers. Don’t need people telling me what I’ve done.

After an uncomfortable night in a room coated in every bodily fluid known to transhumnity, Firewall sends in a nice homosexual gentleman to be questioned. He’s surprisingly forthcoming with information about his confederates. He deserved as humane a death as the circumstances allow. Decapitation is painless right? I decide to hold on to his cortical stack. Don’t want Cognite to know we’re coming, but I don’t think I’ll sell this one to 9 lives. I’ll just keep his mind in my personal Simulspace until I know what to do with him.

So we’re off to the Titan Quarantine zone and we find the facility right where he said it would be. There’s a surprising amount of people in an area that’s supposed to be off limits.

Michah blusters our way into the facility where we find them experimenting on new aplications for the exurgent virus. I hear them mention experiments on uplifts provided my Expiria and I ask to be taken to the lab. Hermes runs off to do his own thing (I’m told this is a regular occurence) while the rest of us are taken on a tour of the facility.

It turns out I picked the right time to start recording everything. I make sure I get all the details from the lovely(?) chimp doctor and put my not insubstantial skills of seduction to work getting her to show me her notes. It seems Experia is still looking for me, and they had a cell with my name on it in this very facility. Remind me to thank our Vector for getting me away from that

They’re preparing to show us out. The facility is thrown into bedlam when the mercenaries Firewall sent to help us start shooting indiscriminately at crowds of researchers. (I totally called it by the way). We manage to escape only to be faced with a Titan Headhunter. It goes down surprisingly easily. I don’t see what all the fuss is about over these things.

Firewall sends an extraction shuttle.

Back at the Firewall aerostat, I sell the information to the militant uplift rights groups. Must remember to call in that favor soon.

We give our vector all the information we have, I give him a copy of my XP and he gets terribly cross with Hermes. I’m sure that there will be no consequences for our teammate’s rash actions.

Vector tells us we’ll be egocasting to Luna momentarily. I’m just glad to be away from Mars.



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