Survival of the Fittest

My Fault

Medical Log:
500,000 people. All dead, not like normal dead. dead forever. All my fault. Couldn’t save them, couldn’t save anyone.

I remember the fleet, practice medicine in peace. Was nice. Not complicated

Suddenly wake up. New face. Why? How? Vector tells me about Olympus. Bad things, horrible things. dead forever. Why? Why did I get to live? Why not them? Parents, children, lovers, real doctors, good people, Why do I deserve a second chance and not them?! Stupid, worthless, horrible Tentacles!

Need my juice! The juice makes everything better! What? No Juice? Why U No Have juice Firewall?!

They send me back to New Shanghai. Evil, wicked, mean city! Have to meet rest of team. Meet in socialite bar. Why whywhywhy?! Gotta hide, can’t be seen!

He comes in. Burned man. Also has herpes. I think. That’s what the lady said. Can’t help him. Not good enough. Bad Doctor!

She said something. The lady. Nice lady. But a socialite. Can’t be trusted. Kill her? No, bad idea.

Maybe just take a look at burned man.

Talking, whining, complaining jibber jabber. Jibberjabberjibberjabberjibberjabber.

SHUT UP! NO MORE TALKING! STAB! Plunger depresses. Hope that wasn’t the deadly neurotoxin. No. Only the Twitch. He’s finally quiet. Has seisure. no more talking.

Loud noises. Gunfire? People panicking. Why? I’m a doctor. Know what I’m doing.

Fix him. Hold him down. Stop the shaking. Twitch was bad idea. No time for second thoughts. Lungs burned. Smoke damage. Gotta Operate!

Lady comes in. Says something. Wasn’t listening.

Must operate! Stab! Missed! Stab! Stabstabstabstab! Won’t hold still! Bleeding now. No hope! Can’t help him! All my fault! Not again!

Men in white come to take burned man away! For the best. Bad, stupid, terrible Doctor Tentacles! Can’t do anything right.

Just like Olympus!

NO! My patient! Have to save you!

Jump on ambulance! Follow to hospital. MY PATIENT! NOT YOURS! Run past people at door. Can’t stop me!

Gotta hide! Can’t be seen! They’ll just try to stop me! Don’t want me to save my patient!

There he is. All alone. Jam the door. None must enter.

Gotta wake him up. Need him to Know I’m the one who saved him! gotta save him! If I can save this one person, everything will be ok!

Thick, heavy straps. No struggling! cutcutcutcut!

Operation sucessful. Lungs all better. Skin replaced. Good doctor!

“eat shit and die.”

Ungrateful fuck! Saved his life! Will fix him! Fix his mind. See what made you such a prick!

AUUUUUGH GLRKWW (unintelligible gurgling noises) (silence)

From the desk of Dr. Tentacles MD MS DPT MPH DDS. Dictated but not read.



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