Survival of the Fittest

Fusalage/ Jenna Hale Entry


Life’s a canvas paint the sky
Was obvious the end was nigh
Father was prepared to die
So up we went for our last ride

“Check the engine darling girl
We’ll circumvent our former world
In this old plane we’ll take a whirl
In the sky we’ll watch Earth unfurl”

So we watched the Titans war
At night it waged, we did abhor
Death to all, what was in store
My Dad was right Earth was no more

Don’t remember don’t recall
My final scene before the fall
I guess now thanks to firewall
Bodies can be arranged for all

But no not yours, you smutty child
Time has ticked, it’s been a while
Now you’ll fly in flair, beguile
Wings for fashion, Xia style

Fight or flight I now AM flight
What was chosen, once delight
Fills me with rage contempt and spite
Firewall, Fire ignite

Truly a shame that I didn’t get to meet the Doctor in his true form but what’s true? I’m still trying to figure that out for myself. They all think I’m uplifted like him I bet. Well, all of them except Xia who I’m convinced doesn’t think anyway. If she did then she would have the common decency to pay for my own human body when she had the money to do so. Selfish girl. Pretty, pretty princess. I hate that I was thrown into this situation with her. One clueless person raised with a silver spoon under her tongue and one clueless Parrot thrown into a Universe of colossal confusion. There are times I wish I was still dead but I guess I was given a second chance for a reason.
Nothing pieces together. I try to observe the party, my surroundings, life in general but after coming back into existence after how many years of not even having a body to claim my own, I’m finding it exponentially more difficult to cope. I’m lost. The directions are obviously universal but the map is in a language I don’t understand. Does not compute. “Aww isn’t she adorable”. No. No she is not. She is a fighter. She is a pioneer. She was an aviator turned avian by the conscious carelessness of others. Sure everyone has a chip on their shoulder but I have a cracker on mine that I don’t need or want. Where I once sought comfort and advice in Amelia, I no longer feel connected with her. I don’t want the flight right now. I feel powerful and powerless all at once and how can I explain that to her, someone who fought for the power to fly. Now it’s for my survival, whereas she didn’t survive. She would kill to be in my position I’m sure.
And what of the picture we found on Mars? I don’t understand. I know it’ll help me get closer to getting a human body but, fact of the matter is, I have no idea how it got on Mars. There is no record of me residing here and there is no way of knowing how it got here. Fuck this. I just want to go home. There is no home. For now, I’ll just continue to observe, complete the duties I have been assigned, and put up with this Party until I no longer have to.



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