Survival of the Fittest

Everything is falling apart

I am alive.
Jesse is being tortured as we speak by some ruthless bitch I’ve had the good sense to steer clear from since hopping off the carnival. Our job is to figure out the money trail going into Cognite by interviewing Ambassador Ajax, who as we learned is the first psycho’s father. We split the group; Me, Shade, and Xia go to the ambassador and the Psycho octopus butcher, Hermes (in a case as punishment for withholding information) and Jenna since they would have drawn too much attention for.
The sad thing is I almost got caught by the security because of Hacking into the systems but I got everything I needed and sent it to the vector because I’m clearly the only person who understands the purpose of being here.
AND THEN… The world exploded because we can’t go anywhere quietly. The man in the black suit was in the office and… what’s the word? slaughter? decimate? no, he melted my team mate, one of the only people on the team I actually respect, craziness and all. Well I almost get caught by him on the way from the elevator. I elect to avoid the murderer waiting by the elevator and check up on Xia and make sure she’s mentally sound. A few minutes pass and a heavily armed police force, against the flow of hundreds of people fleeing the building through the only exits, come rushing in and arrest Xia. I jumped down the melted hole made possible by Black suit and tried to get on an elevator but NO, I get shot at and have to jump out of the god damned building and have to camouflage myself AND climb down from the 40th floor of a building.
When I get back MORE things happen because I’m clearly being punished. Turns out a private residence isn’t a good place to freak out and when I try to calm Xia’s friend down Hermes tries to kill her then psycho octopus butcher then Jenna… The vector was not happy.



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