Your mind is software… Program it.
Your body is a shell… Change it.
Death is a disease… Cure it.
Extinction is approaching… Fight it!

The year is After Fall (AF) 10. It’s been 10 years since the TITANS, military AI’s, forced transhumanity to leave Earth. You may wonder why I said “transhuman” instead of regular old “human” and you would be right to ask. We have managed to cure the greatest disease of all; death. Our mind (commonly referred to as ego) and body (morph) are separate, so when the body dies the mind can live on; and there are so many types of body to choose from. Transhumanity is not alone though, sharing our habitats with animals uplifted to human intelligence as well as AI entities.

But all of this advancement can not overshadow the fact that we are a scattered species. Our homeworld is lost, and we are forced to eek out a living across the solar system. We live on a precipice, and it only takes one little push to send us over the edge. That’s where you come in. You are agents of Firewall, dedicated to stopping the threats to the survival of transhumanity.

To quote an old movie “You’re our only hope.”

Survival of the Fittest

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